Chelsea Reed Davis
Taking on all of someone else-a partner in love, a character in a play, a new identity in a new city-is an escape until it becomes a confrontation, and you find that youve run away only to yourself. Still it’s something in you that made such transcendence possible in the first place.
— Tavi Gevinson

Chelsea Davis is a New York City based actress. Chelsea graduated Mississippi State University with a degree in communications focused in theatre. Since moving to the big apple, she has trained with the world renowned Anthony Abeson, Howard Emanuel, and the Upright Cititzen's Brigade-currently she is studying under Matt Newton in his invite only on set masterclass.  You can watch her work on the new Andy Cohen produced Amazon Prime series "Millenniums" as Jolie, and as Iris in the independent feature "Dean Darling".  Outside of set Chelsea is most likely splitting a taco with her rescue dog Elvis or hunting for her next pair of shoes.